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Gear Damper HCL-46

Small Rotary dampers are extremely useful components for accurate opening and closing of small lids and drawers because they allow controlled deceleration. The torque in the small rotary dampers is determined by the viscosity of the fluid and the structure of the geometrical components inside the device. We can offer customized versions in any desired torque within the standard range. How small rotary dampers are used Small Rotary dampers are used in many sectors where small components are needed, such as furniture, electronics, medical, and aerospace industries. Heying Tech. small rotary dampers are mainly applied to cup holders, center armrests, glove boxes, handles, washing machines, refrigerator doors, toilet seats, garbage cans and drawers.

Product Details


Number of teeth:11


Dividing circle diameter:φ8.8

Pressure angle:20°

HCL-46 spec 2000.jpg